Products & Services
Desktops - (HP, IBM & Assembled)
Laptops - (Toshiba, HP,Compaq,Dell & Apple)
Printers - (HP Lasers/DeskJet, Epson-DMP)
UPS(s) - (APC, Logistat,Microtek,Luminius)
Networking - Wifi, LAN/WAN
Peripherals - Scanners, Palmtops/PDA, Digital
Repairing works
Our Services

SELLING PCs – MIS deals with all kinds of personal computers of Compaq, HP etc. and notebooks of IBM, Toshiba, Compaq and Apple.

SELLING PERIPHERALS – MIS concentrates on serving many needs of a particular customer group by providing them different computer peripherals like printers, scanners, digital cameras, web cameras, zip drives, palm tops etc.

MAINTENANCE - Today product support service is becoming a major battleground for competitive advantage. MIS is a hardware maintenance, software development and service provider company. We take pride in our ability to provide excellent services and superior solution to client needs. This ability to provide excellent services and superior solution to client needs. This ability to satisfy our customers derives from our through understanding of client needs and multi-faced approach we adopt. MIS have a team of hardware and software professionals to provide maximum user satisfaction.

QUALITY CONTROL – To provide goods at best to the end customers in terms of quality level MIS verify the quality check up programmed, from time to time of various organizations.

NETWORKING – To communicate at best within and outside the organizations, MIS serves in getting networked through LAN and WAN.

Trading Telecom Accessories:- we are trading all type of telecom good such as cables , RF connectors, fiber optic etc. 

Chesterfield PC Support:  Business Laptop Repairs and Office IT / Computer Services.
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